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Singer, songwriter Ben Bledsoe has spent his life performing. He began with stage acting at age 12, and quickly progressed to print modeling, national commercials, and network and cable television shows. At the same time his acting career began, he also started to pursue music, first by singing and then by learning to play the bass.

At age 16, Ben joined the Band Natural, and spent the next six years recording, touring, and performing all around the world. The band received two Gold records for singles in the U.S., and won awards throughout Europe and Asia. Ben was instrumental in both writing and producing songs for the bandís two albums, as well as being a lead vocalist.

Now pursuing a solo career, Ben has spent the last several months playing guitar and piano, and writing new music for his own use, as well as writing and producing songs for other artists. He has collaborated on songs with such notable writers/producers as Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga (from the band Fastball), Richie Supa (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Pink), Douglas Carr (Ace of Base, Britney Spears, Nick Carter), and Anders Wikstrom & Fredrik Thomander of Epicentre (*NSYNC, Nikki Cleary, Luis Fonsi).

"I have a sound in my head that Iím really excited to bring out in my music," says Ben. "All the writing Iíve been doing has really helped me to hear my own voice."

Ben is currently working with producer Billy Chapin, recording songs for his upcoming solo debut album, scheduled for release Summer, 2005. With a range of songs such as the up-tempo Lonely Heart, and raucous (I Love Everything About You But Your) Boyfriend, as well as the beautiful Just The Thought of You, and the haunting ballad Drownin', Ben's unique, strong voice and contemporary style offer something for everyone.

He recently performed for "Relief. A Benefit for Tsunami Victims", and over the next few months will be performing for the Seventeen Magazine/JCPenny "Rock Your Prom" Tour, as well as several festival dates. Ben looks forward to getting out on the road with his new material and performing for the fans, both old and new alike.

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